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  • Introduction
  • Why I-MILE ?
  • The Industry Challenges
  • Institute Leadership Challenges
  • I-MILE Life Cycle
  • Student Life Cycle
  • I-MILE - Application Modular Span
  • Cost To Service
  • Driving Excellence Synergy
  • ROI Roadmap

Throughout our journey over the decades of value creation in the area of Education, we have experienced, implemented and institutionalized processes and practices that are Impressed, Inspired & Influenced by not only best practices but the NEXT practices.

Leveraging on all these learning's and experiences from the cross section (Educational expertise & Technology know how) of the industry while Conceptualizing & Architecting, we have created an Integrated Learning Ecosystem called “I-MILE”. With the intent of value creation for our customers, we thrive to create what we call “Excellence Synergy” that is convergence of Transactional, Tactical & Strategic Excellence by means of I-MILE.

I-MILE is not just an ERP but a Platform to integrate and enables the Schools and Management to monitor and control the entire school activities by one touch.
IHMH Vision
Key Challenges in front of Institute Leadership
Process Map of I-MILE Educational Solutions
Student Life Cycle Management @ I-MILE
I-MILE – Application Modular Span
Cost To Service
ROI Roadmap
ROI Roadmap
Driving the Experience Through IHMH
Driving the Experience Through IHMH